I am a reader, an avid reader. I don’t necessarily read novels and such but, I read more about history or things going on in the world today. I also love reading anything about Christianity, which goes right along with history. I love reading blogs and books from other Christians that may help me see the “light” or write about things that I am struggling with at the time. But, this is what usually gets me in trouble, along with those awesome blog posts, I also read the comments. Oh yes, the comments, you know the ones. The ones that people use for their own personal soundboard and feel the need to bash others for what they do not agree with or believe.

This morning I laid in bed and decided to scroll through Facebook and came across this awesome read, This is What Happens When Satan Steals Your Motherhood. If you haven’t read it, you need to, it’s a great read. I will wait…

Yeah, so, great read, right? The author said it best and was making sure that her audience knew that SHE let Satan in and that SHE was at fault for letting Satan rob her motherhood. Let’s face it as children of God we all have let him in on occasion and quickly squash him back to where he belongs. We all are weak in moments and in seasons of our lives. It’s called being human!

What happened to loving people?

But, as I read these comments that people were writing my heart began to break. Some people that made comments were clearly not Christians, they didn’t believe in any higher being and began to argue about the Christian beliefs. But, what really got me was the Christian-neze, (yes it’s a word, my word for now), Christians were flinging around. You know the Christian-neze I am talking about: When Christians start twisting around bible verses just to make themselves sound good or to try to prove their point. Or the Christians that choose to argue instead of loving. Stop getting so offended and start loving! Stop the name calling! Stop the bullying and stop the fighting!

Why We Need to Get Up From Our Church Pews & Reach Out to OthersWhat happened to loving people?

What happened to doing what Jesus would do?

Jesus wouldn’t bash them for their beliefs, He would show love and share with them His calling.

Why are we arguing?

No wonder we aren’t helping build God’s kingdom, at times. I wouldn’t want to be in Heaven with a bunch of argumentative people who spew hate and not love if I were them.

As I sat there reading, it saddened me that we as Christians sit on our pews and don’t really think that these people truly exist. That there are people in our country who really need Jesus. There are people who truly have never had an encounter with Him. And that my friends, is OUR fault.

Yep! Our fault!

Why We Need to Get Up From Our Church Pews & Reach Out to Others

We are so used to being around the like-minded people that we go to church with every Sunday that we forget that there are still lost souls out there. Now before you get your panties in a bunch, I am all about going to church and being around like-minded people. We actually need it to be held accountable. But, I do believe we need to get up from our Church pews from time-to-time and reach out beyond our church walls.

Isn’t that what we are called to do?

This post is about the health of our soul and spirit. God put us on this earth to teach the gospel. To tell the world about Him. If we are not fulfilling that calling, our souls are somewhat in torment. I fall trap to this some days. I get into my own world and forget that this world is yearning for goodness. This world is yearning for the Light. This world is yearning for the coming of Jesus. And don’t you want Him to have His Kingdom full because you fulfilled your calling?

I believe everyone deserves a fair chance, no matter what their beliefs are. I believe in the power of love and not hate. And I believe in the goodness in people, even if it isn’t always on the surface, it’s there somewhere.

Until next time…



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