Everyone needs a few Tips for Saving Big on Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Get your plan together and save BIG this Holiday season!

Tips for Saving Big on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are monumental days when all of the nation gets together and shops till they drop. Although, I do not really get into all of the hype of Black Friday, I never have. Believe me, my loved ones have tried to get me enthused with luring me into a shopping mall or a Target in hopes of getting a $1 TV or .50 cent Ipad. (Not really, but sounds good, right?)

But, this year I am being more mindful of our spending and not whipping out credit cards or loans to help us through. We are on the road to financial recovery and I want to keep it that way, for realz. We have worked too hard this far! So, in celebration to financial recovery I have complied some fun tips for you this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Tips for Saving Big on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The Mother Load of All Websites

Seriously, this website will make all of the other websites obsolete as you research for the best Black Friday deals. Before you check any store website or your email, make sure you check here first. It gives a whole list of stores that have released their Black Friday deals. More are being added daily, so keep checking back.


You know I have to throw in Target. Target is my jam. Target is my go-to store when in a crunch, not just through the Holidays, but everyday. Don’t worry if you do not have a Target in your area you can shop online. Target is having great deals these days. One being “the 10 days of deals”. Each day they have a discounted amount for certain products, so keep a look out for some fabulous deals right now. BTW: Don’t forget to combine this with ebates and your Target redcard and score even better discounts.


Speaking of ebates….. Ebates is amazing! I know you hear me talk about ebates all of the time and for good measure, I promise! Ebates gives you cash just for shopping online and in stores on some occasions. Don’t miss out on my article about ebates, 10 Money Saving Hacks for Ebates That Will Save You Big and I explain how it works and what to do. It is easy peasy.

Right now ebates has Early Black Friday Deals with Double Cash Back. So that means more money and savings in your pocket! Lookout for their onsite coupons too! Sometimes stacking their coupon will give you even more savings, so don’t miss out!

The Disney Store

Now you know my family and I cannot get enough of Disney and the Disney Store. The Disney Store is no exception when it comes to Black Friday. In celebration of Black Friday they are having an up to 40% off sale online and in-store. When you stack this with ebates and your Disney Visa Card the deals are even better. Hey, but make sure you do not leave a balance on your Disney Visa or all of this savings will have done no good!


Amazon is a great place to find Disney toys or toys of any kind. Add ebates savings, Amazon Prime shipping and a hot deal and you are well on your well to a fabulous save!


Walgreens has some amazing deals on stocking stuffers and Disney items. Everyone needs some amazing stocking stuffers! You can also rack up some rewards points. Again don’t forget to stack these deals with ebates.

Extra Tips

Look, this is just a dent in the big skeem of things. There are a lot more ways to save money during this time of year, so do not put all of your eggs in one basket.

  • This year retailers are extending their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, so don’t feel like you are totally rushed.
  • Don’t buy what you do not need. Simple as that! It is not a great deal if you do not need it!
  • Make a plan before you go to the stores. Do not get bombarded by all of the flashy items and cool marketing. Avoid temptation by sticking to your list.
  • Do not overextend yourself. If you cannot afford it, do not buy it!
  • DIY some of your gifts if your budget isn’t that big. People love the thought of you making an item just for them.

Make sure to check out my other articles that can help you save big this Holiday season!

Happy Shopping!

Until next time…..



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