So, yesterday was the start of a new month. I’m loving this month because even though Fall really doesn’t start until, NEVER in my neck of the woods. (It’s as hot as the blazes down here and it feels like summer will never end.) But any who, September started so that means pumpkin scented candles, pumpkin lattes and everything Fall. I love Fall! (Just incase I haven’t told you!) Fall has officially started in my house!Minnie is especially excited, probably because I talk about Fall constantly throughout the summer months. So she has resorted to coloring and being her clever artsy self by making Fall pictures for me to enjoy.Chip has no idea what’s coming to him, but as soon as it cools off about 20 degrees I will be shoving three bundles of joy out of the door to the back yard so he can blow off some of steam. It seems like he is bouncing off the walls lately because he wants and needs to run outside!

And then there is Dale….

As you know here in the South Fall brings football season. Even though we aren’t huge football fans, (I know, GASP and yes, we are originally from the South) the television still gets turned or grazes over football at times. So this weekend was the start to football season and so was the start to Dale’s twerking. I had no idea he had it in him! When the band gets revved up to play and the percussion section gets down, so does Dale. Twerking, I never thought was in his DNA. He is definitely the shy one of the three and is the quitter one of the twins. But the music does something to him. So needless to say, I learned a little something about him this past weekend.

So between Fall, my artsy daughter, my bouncing off the walls son and of course my twerking son, there’s nothing else to report here on this home front. Those of you who have no idea what twerking is, leave it alone, no need to panic. What ever you do, do not google it!

What does your family do to get ready for the Fall season? Until next time….

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