It is time to Put on Your Big Girl Panties & Get Real With Yourself! No more “perfect” parenting. Let’s get real and admit that parenting and life in general is hard!

Let me start off by saying….. Parenting sucks somedays. Yep, I said! Life can suck somedays if we let it too! Now before you get your panties all in a bunch, hear me out. I am a mom who loves her kids, but dang it is hard to parent and do life some days. It really is, but with prayer, perseverance, and more prayer we can make it. So with that being said…..

I wanted to let you know about some changes that have been going on. Great changes! Exciting changes! As you know we are relaunching my site and have made some changes to its appearance, but I am also making some changes to its content. You will be getting the same stuff you have grown accustomed to, but you will also be getting the TRUTH.

It is time to get real ladies!

It is time to put on our BIG GIRL PANTIES and get real! I am going to be cranking out the realness. No more stuffy blogs that only give you what I think you want to hear. It is time for the real life to shine through. I have flaws, I am not perfect, I am quirky and yes I even curse a little. Gasp! Yes, I do and I still love Jesus. I am human! So here’s the deal, from here on out you will be getting the straight up lowdown from me. It is time to give you more. Expect to see more blogs about faith, family, fitness along with some videos of Chris and I’s home life. Beware! You have been warned! 

Put on Your Big Girl Panties & Get Real With YourselfThis blog was birthed on the fact that moms aren’t real with each other or themselves some days. Mom life is about poop, gas, messes, learning disabilities, highs, lows and the WAY lows, love, happiness, doctor visits, snot, boogers and the occasional hospital visits. So let’s put on our big girl panties and talk about it. 

Life is what we make of it. I want my life full of happiness and God, but I also want to keep it real. Life isn’t always what is seen from the outside. My husband and I aren’t always proud of our past, but we aren’t trying to hide it either. We are human, we make mistakes and we love to tell our stories. Stories that have turned into God’s glory. So, by us being real, I hope you can appreciate the fact that we aren’t perfect, we are sinners, we know we are sinners and we LOVE Jesus whole heartedly.

Recently, my husband and I went through a tragic event of someone very close to us dying unexpectedly. This friend was someone we admired so much. He kept it real and made no excuses for it, he loved the Lord and was an amazing person. Life is too short to be who you think others want you to be. Now is the time to step up and be real, not who everyone else thinks you should be.

Expect more fun, sarcasm, Disney-crazed and us being ourselves, being real. Things may get messy, but that’s what makes life……life. Right?!

Are you ready to be real with me? Send me a message on my Facebook page if you are! Or ask to join my Facebook group. I need some support, because it is about to get real ladies! Again, you have been warned. 🙂 What are some things you would like to talk about? What is on your mind? 

Until next time….



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