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A 90-day program to get you back on track.

Ever Feel Like You’re Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place?

You know what success looks like, right?

Come on, you’ve seen it. We all have. It’s right there in front of us on television, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest… You’ve seen the pictures and videos telling you what your life should look like. Do these ring a bell?


The perfectly put together Mom with her gorgeous hair, flawless makeup, and well-dressed kids
The CEO with everything, including a huge house, fancy car, and the latest gadgets
The Solopreneur with thousands of followers, high priced programs, and a wait list of prospects

We’re All Trying To Be “That” Woman…

Success comes in many shapes and forms.

You see, after I had my twins I was in the exact same place. I had everything I’d ever wanted. I was a Mom with 3 beautiful kids, a supportive and wonderful husband, and my own successful business.

But, I felt something was missing. In fact, I was miserable. My anxiety was high and my depression was at it’s worst. I had it all, but my body was rundown (and not just from lack of sleep with the twins). I was unhealthy. I ate horribly. And my relationship with God, well there wasn’t one. It wasn’t until I had to have an emergency hysterectomy that I realized something had to give. There had to be a BIG change in order for me and my family to be happy.

I tried everything out there…

Program after program, diet after diet – they all promised to make everything better, but they didn’t. Every single program or training was missing a key element. Some focused on my body, some on my mindset, some on my soul. But none of them focused on these three critical areas all in one.

So, I created my own…

I Created This Program for Women Just Like Me (and YOU!) and, for a Limited Time, I’ve cut the price nearly in half!

This Program Will Help You:

Create a path to success and a plan to achieve it
Conquer your fear of rejection and get your joy back
Learn how to forgive and when it’s time to say goodbye to toxic relationships
Tackle the doubts in your mind and overcome them
Learn how fitness and nutrition work together
Better understand your relationships and how they affect your every day
Plan both your personal and professional life with ease
Identify and avoid the major stressors in your life

It’s Time For You to See REAL Results…

Stop wasting time and money…

If you’re sick of trying to be that perfect woman, it’s time you learn that there is no such thing. None of us are perfect, and that’s what makes us “perfect”. The only thing you need to be is the very best version of yourself and, if you don’t feel like you are, I want to help.

Here’s what you can expect from the program…

Weekly Audios

Daily Devotional/Planner

Gratitude Printable

Private Facebook Group

Weekly Q&A’s

Clean Eating Ebook

Join the Mind, Body, Spirit Program for a Limited Time for Just $29.99 (regularly $497)!

So, who am I and how can I help?

faith-family-fitnessFirst of all, I am a Mom and Wife who absolutely DOES NOT have it all together.

Seriously, I stumble every single day and some days, I just want to crawl back under the covers and stay there all day (remind you of anyone you know?). Unfortunately, I can’t do that, and neither can you. So, I had to find a way to make it all work. And, when I say “all” – I mean it.

I currently homeschool my three kids, help my husband with church business and events, am active in our community, and run two blogs and a total of 3 businesses. Whew! that’s a lot when you write it all down!

One of my businesses is a Walt Disney Blog/Biz that is a passive income producer and an outlet for my love of all things Disney. Another is a travel agency, once again, to support my Disney obsession passion. The third is this blog/biz at where I share everything I learn to help make things easier for others.

Now, as you can imagine, none of these things are bringing in millions for me, and I don’t expect that they ever will. What they do provide however, is an ability to pursue my biggest passion,  using my experience and knowledge to help people just like you who are going through what I went through or something similar.

I can’t promise to have all the answers because everyone is struggling with different questions. But I can, and do, promise to help you find the answers and live a more fulfilling and productive life pursuing what really makes you happy.

Want to join me?

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