Look, I get you are busy. We, as a society, have made the art of being busy a status symbol. Nothing irks me more than when you ask someone how they are and they reply with, “busy.” We are all busy, but it is what we do with our time that really matters. Most of the people that are running around with crazy eyes from being so busy just don’t have a plan yet. Not meaning to call any of you out, trust me I HAVE BEEN THERE. I still get that way some days. Beware of the eye twitch! Are you asking How to Take Your Time Back as a Busy Mom in 5 Easy Steps…..

It is time to take your time back! Did you hear me? It is time to take your time back as a busy mom in 3 easy steps. But first let’s go over a few things….

Are you taking care of YOU?

If you answered no. It is time to start taking time of yourself. We are most productive when we are happy and put God first. It is so easy to get wrapped up in all of the things we are supposed to do for our kids, husband and family. Our calendars fill up fast with everyone else’s events, appointments and lessons. Take time for yourself even if it is for ten minutes. I find it best to do before everyone gets up in the morning. I know the longer the day goes on the harder it gets to get in my ten minutes of quite. Having a hard time finding ten minutes of YOU time? Try out these ideas I give that work like a charm. 

Fill your life with the BIG stuff.

We have to fill our lives with the big stuff, like your dreams and prayers, before we tackle the easy, the mundane, or even the stuff that doesn’t really matter all that much. If we don’t tackle these first nothing else will fall into place. Get in touch with yourself, first and foremost. 

Of course that is sometimes easier said than done. Am I right? 

Here are a few simple steps you might want to take.

How to Take Your Time Back as a Busy Mom in 5 Easy Steps

STEP ONE: List Your Priorities

Your priorities can and will change based on your season of life, but the first step in taking control of your time is determining what matters most right now. Take ten minutes and write down the 5-10 things that are most important to you in the season of life you are in right now. Everyone’s season is different, don’t base your priorities on how you have been spending your time, but on what actually matters most to you. 

Customizable PLanner EtsySTEP TWO: Set Specific Goals

Let me rephrase that….. Set Specific goals. Really thing long and hard about your goals. Your longterm and short term goals.

Let’s get started:

  • Spend a few minutes day-dreaming about what your ideal life would look like five years from now, then write it down. Where do you live? What is your career and job title? What does your house look like? How much savings do you have? What is your relationship with your kids and spouse? How do you spend time together? What do you do in your free time? What are your hobbies?  Where do you volunteer? Have you lost or gained weight? 

  • List five major things you would like to accomplish by this time next year. Be specific! Get out the calendar and start writing down when you want these things accomplished. Don’t list more than five or you might get overwhelmed!

  • Now onto the short term goals. What so you want to get done in the next month? Is there any small chunk of your long term goals that you could do right away? Set a few mini goals for the things you would like to accomplish in the next month, then repeat this process every month from now on.
  • One useful tool for putting this method of goal setting into practice is my Customizable Planner & Devotional, which includes pages for setting long-term goals for the year, setting short term goals as well as prayer list reminders and much more. This planner and devotional helps keep me motivated all year long!

jesus-callingStep Three: Jesus Calling

Is Jesus calling you to do all of this? Seriously! Is He? One way I always know He is calling me to do everything I have my heart and flesh set on is to pray about it. Take the time to pray about it and read His word. You can always think and hear more clearly when you are praying and reading His word. The one thing that helps me the most is reading Jesus Calling devotionals every single morning. It helps me get my day started in the right direction and really shines a new prospective on different situations. This devotional is truly not like any others I have used. It really speaks to the heart and puts it into today’s terms and struggles. Love this devotional.

When I made this change and started using this devotional my productivity skyrocketed and I was finally able to start accomplishing the things I really wanted to. I started focusing on one of my long term goals, which was to get closer to God. It was then I started to see that everything else started falling into place. I realized that checking my email and working first thing in the morning was not helping anything. I now go to this devotional first then try and tackle emails and work. I saw a drastic change in my performance immediately!

henry-fordStep Four: Break Bad Habits

This step is simple; break the bad habits and gain good habits but in the same sense, this one will take sacrifice and commitment. In due time you will be happy you broke these bad habits and formed new ones in their place. Not only that, you will start to see that you do not have as much baggage and you will start to see you are better off and more productive.

  • Make a list of habits that need to go.
  • Reset your habits and make new habits. On the opposite side of the paper right the opposite of each habit. Example: Eating junk food before bed. Opposite Would Be: Read a Book Before Bed.
  • Don’t tackle all of your bad habits at once. Take it slow, one step at a time.

The more good habits we are able to create for ourselves, the more energy we will have left over to use towards other things. Not to mention the will power and empowerment you feel! Just like I said above, start your morning out right with the right state of mind always helps to create a great habit that will jump start and empower your day! 

take-your-time-back-as-a-busy-mom-in-5-easy-stepsStep Five: Eliminate

This process is probably the hardest or at least it was for me. Put quite simply, get rid of the junk you don’t need! Getting rid of the things we don’t really need to be doing is probably the hardest part of managing our time! We think we are being productive with certain tasks and absent minded activities, such as; watching TV, playing games on your phone or scrolling through Facebook. If you find that these things are not lining up with your goals then guess what? They need to go! Yes, I know easier said than done, but you can do it! Start small, take 2-3 at a time and start making eliminating the things that are not adding any value to your day or life, for that matter. 

Everyone wants to be more organized and productive and in 5 easy steps you can take your time back as a busy mom. It is not always simple, but it is rewarding in the end. You have to put all of this into practice to make this work! So go ahead give it a try!

Until next time….



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4 Key Elements to Getting Your Life Back As A Busy Mama

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