It takes a little change of scenery to sometimes put things into perspective….

Change of scenery

This past week we went on another family adventure and it was then I realized how much my kids were growing. (It also has a lot to do with the fact that they all have birthdays this month too, which also reminds me I am getting older. But, anyways….) As we went on vacation and did a lot of the same things we have done in the past on vacations I realized how much more mature they were becoming and I yearn for time to slow down.

Sometimes it takes a change of scenery to put a little perspective on things. Don’t get me wrong our everyday life is not bad by all means but, as a mom you kinda get stuck in a rut: feed the kids, make supper, wash clothes, go to the grocery store, etc., etc. Sometimes you get wrapped up in everyday life you kinda forget about the “little things”; the little phrases your kids are saying now, the things they are talking about now, or the independence they are getting.

I was reminded by these “everyday things” this past week and was excited about them but, sad at the same time because, I have let everyday life get in the way of my kids. I realized I had missed the “little things” even though I am with them everyday all day!

As I yearn for my kids to stay babies I know that this is not possible but, I vow to not miss a thing, I vow to embrace their independence and to watch them grow into sweet and loving adults.

When we came back from vacation I have to admit I was kinda bummed about coming back to reality. I missed the vacation days and kinda had the “after vacation depression” going on for a bit. But, last night as I laid my head to rest I vowed to God that I will not take one day for granted . As much as I would like to say I will not sweat the small stuff, because I know me, I will, I will rely on God to get me through the rough days and embrace motherhood full throttle. I will embrace the changes. I will embrace the screams and the cries that come out of my little bundles of joy and the gray hairs I continue to get (Yikes! Don’t tell), because I know this season is short and my babies will not be babies for long. A new season will begin and my little ones will no longer be little. I want to look back and know I didn’t fret but, I leaned on God for guidance and strengthen every step of the way.

This job of being a mother is a hard job but, I wouldn’t take it back for anything…. I may do a lot of things wrong but, by the grace of God I haven’t lost a kid yet! (At least today, come back tomorrow, it may be a different story!)

Do you take the “little things” for granted? Do you sweat the small stuff?

Until next time!



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