Hot mess moms

It’s confession time here on the blog. You know I have a good confession from time-to-time and this one is a tough one for me. But, here it goes………

I have been “stuck” in some aspects of my life and have lost my direction for a few months with my blog and the growth of my business. I really kinda lost who I was for a bit. My family and I have been going through lots of things the past few months and although I am only human, I have let my readers and myself down. I was trying to put on a front and didn’t want anyone to think that we were going through anything challenging. I wanted everyone to think everything in our life was hunky-dory! But, in all reality I was screaming inside and ready to explode. My blog is based on showing my true colors and giving women hope and encouragement through my everyday, ordinary and crazy life. I failed in doing that the past few months. But, I am back and ready to attack! I have found my way again!

From here on out, you will see the TRUE me, not the me that hides behind a computer and posts only the GOOD stuff throughout the day. But, the TRUE blue me! The me that I am happy to be. I am a mom who is REAL, has three children, including a set of twins. I am a girl boss, a nutrition and fitness professional, an online business coach and your encourager! I am a HOT MESS….most days! Some days, Chris and I are on it with this parenting thang, other days not-so-much! I am REAL! I am not perfect and nor do I want to be. So with that being said, no more hiding! I want this to be a safe place for all women. Women who want to hear that other’s kids are crazified (that’s not a word, but it is to me today ;-)) and that other moms are a hot mess some days too!

So except this video as a token of my appreciation and a reintroduction of sorts (Below) and expect more REAL from now on! So stick around, if you dare! Bwahahahaha! HOT MESS is only the beginning!

There’s one more thing I forgot to mention! My family and I are very Disney crazed, so from time to time you will hear, see or read a bit about Disney! Geez! I cannot believe I forgot to mention that!

Until next time….


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