Fat is my friend! Say it with me….

Fat is my friend!

Did you cringe or did you just refuse to say it with me? Well, whether you believe it or not…. Fat is YOUR friend!

Remember, back in the 90s when the non-fat craze started. Well, it was crazy talk then and it is crazy talk now.

I mean I have to admit the first time I saw on a bag of non-fat potato chips, “may cause anal leakage” (true story) even at my young age I knew something wasn’t quite right. That mess was laced with some nastiness God had no intention of you ingesting.

Fat is your friend! When you choose wisely and consume good fats your body will thank you and may even help you loose weight. Yes, you read right, lose weight.

Lose Weight & Feel Great With Bullet Proof Coffee

One of my favorite ways of getting fats in everyday is consuming coconut oil and/or ghee. One of my favorite ways of getting in both is through my Bullet Proof Coffee. I love coffee so this is a no-brainer and it is VERY filling! It is easy to reach for in the morning for breakfast or a mid-afternoon pick me up. If you are familiar with Paleo then you probably already know about Paleo Coffee. It is so frothy and makes a nice morning brew or mid-afternoon treat! If you love coffee you will love this! 

Paleo Coffee

Lose Weight & Feel Great With Bullet Proof CoffeeIngredients


  1. Put the ghee, coconut oil, or coconut milk, and the coffee into a blender.
  2. Blend for 5-10 seconds. The coffee turns a foamy, creamy color. Pour it into your favorite coffee cup and enjoy!
  3. If you don’t have a blender, then try using a milk frother.

Okay so there ya have it! Put a little more fat into your everyday nutrition and watch the results start happening!

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  • This recipe adapted from Paleo Magazine.

photo credit: Brian Legate Morning Latte via photopin (license)

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